Here are the Pledge Challenges accepted so far. If you’ve like to set us a Challenge click here.

1. Caroline & Karen – Task Challenge – Pledging £50 each

The camp for the duration of the event, no hotels, motels or hostels! Daily photos required as proof! No cheating!!

2.Kris Smith – Task Challenge – Pledging £25

Dinner must be cooked en-route in tin foil and wrapped around exhaust for the cooking process. Will settle for….Some fresh fish in a garlic jus. 😋

3.Ross – Task Challenge – Pledging £50

Play Phil Collins for a whole day on the Gibker 100 bike mounted Speaker and in camp am and pm!

4.Tom – Task Challenge – Pledging £30

Place a sticker on both Kittywampus and Blue Steel indicating a desire for something for the entire duration of the event. The stickers to be provided by Tom. COMPLETED & PLEDGE PAID – Many thanks Tom!

5. Alice & Terry – Task Pledge – Pledging £50

When you get to the Mediterranean beach (before you jump in the sea I must add) you both must do the Lifty Leg dance to Margarita Pracatan’s haunting melody ‘Helloooo’, film it for evidence and then jump in the sea, here’s the link of the beautiful version I have found just for you, I know you’ll appreciate the tempo 😈 Love you long time xxxx

6. Robert Humphrey – Missing you . . x x – Pledging £100

Whist on your challenge/jolly we are sure you will miss your loving partners terribly… In an attempt to help you sleep well during those lonely nights away we challenge you to take and wear,  an item each of your loved ones night-time attire to comfort yourselves. Photo proof dependent on item taken.

7. Kris Smith – Farmers 2CV – Pledging £25

A ride or photo of a farmers 2cv in a ploughed field or still in working environment.

8. Nick Davison – La Marseillaise pour deux -Pledging £50

I want to see you both sing the full french national anthem in front of a group of froggies who reward you with a hearty round of applause.

Pledge Challenge total = £430